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 Robin James showing the universal runners sign for a recent successful run distance. Robin made the 3.3 mile trek in 1 hour and 38 min. You GO Girl !!!

 Cilla M. is from Princeton, Iowa. Cilla wears one of the Otto Bock Carbon Fiber lightweight AFOs to address her foot drop. Cilla states that she "Can't get around without it. " "It keeps me from getting tired from walking around during the day"


Good job Cilla and keep up the walking!

Mike Cini

Left Below Knee Amputee

Vietnam Veteran combat wounded

Mike has been a patient of Ken Meier CPO for over 25 years. Mike has been with MMLB since it opened in 1995.

Mike was stopping in to say his good byes as he was moving with his wife Ann, to the Denver area to be closer to the grandkids and spend more time snow skiing the Black Diamonds.

Mike says that if it weren't for MMLB and Ken Meier he would not have been able to pursue his career with John Deere, his passion for hunting, snow skiing and what has always been the most important aspect of his life; his family.

Mike commented that "MMLB, their Technicians and office staff always made me feel as if I was right at home." "They provided my care if I was one of the family"

Mike you are part of the family!

Mike we appreciate all you have done for us and this country. MMLB wishes you, Ann and all of the kids and grandkids all of the best "New Powder", "Good Hunting" and Straight Shoot'n" you can get. You will be dearly missed!

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