Miller-Meier Limb and Brace, Inc. (MMLB) makes a practice to respect the rights of our Patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI). MMLB takes extensive steps and has initiated several new Policies and Procedures for the staff of MMLB, in accordance with the new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) requirements, to be able to insure the Patients of MMLB that MMLB intends to continue to protect our Patient’s personal information. At no time has or will MMLB ever provide any of our Patient’s personal information or PHI to any third party which is intending on using this information to exploit or gain financially from this information maintained by MMLB.

Within this Notice of Privacy Practice, MMLB will make disclosures of MMLB’s methodology to protect your PHI, MMLB’s steps our patients may take if they feel MMLB has breached your confidence regarding your PHI, and what MMLB expects from MMLB’s patients to assist us in continuing to provide the level of professional treatment that you have come to expect from MMLB. Patients of MMLB may make complaints regarding this Privacy Notice or any other Policy and Procedure which MMLB has initiated by submitting a written complaint to the Director of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations; Kenneth G. Meier CPO, FAAOP, CEO, President of MMLB.

  • MMLB will require their Patient’s to sign a waiver, releasing MMLB to use their PHI for purposes of:
    • If the patient is incapacitated or in the best interest of the Patient and the Patient is unable to represent themselves and the patient is in a life-threatening situation.
    • In the case of the Patient’s death, MMLB will notify a specified personal representative, designated by the Patient.
    • In the case of a natural disaster in which a public or private entity authorized by law to provide disaster relief and life support.
  • MMLB will not be required to obtain a Patient’s signed waiver, releasing MMLB to use the Patient’s PHI if:
    • Disclosure is required by law.
    • Reporting Public Health activities such as reporting diseases or recalls.
    • To Government authorities authorized to receive reports on abuse, neglect, or domestic violence.
    • To Health Oversight Agencies authorized by law to review audits, licensure issues, and inspections.
    • For any judicial or administrative proceedings such as Court Orders, Discovery Request, and Subpoenas.
    • Provision of care to Inmates.
    • Providing care to Victims of crime.
    • When providing specialized Governmental functions.
    • When complying with Worker’s Compensation laws.
    • For Identification and Location of Patients, when required.
    • Research
    • To Coroners, Medical Examiners, or Funeral Directors, when assisting the Recipient in performing their legal duties.
    • To an Organ Procurement organization to facilitate organ donations or transplants.
    • To prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the health and safety of an individual or the public.
  • MMLB has in place, contracts with Business Associates which may from time-to-time have access to our Patient’s PHI for the purpose of providing billing, documentation, or legal issues for our Patients. These contracts allow for the same extensions listed above for our patients and bind these Business Associates to the same scrutiny and regulations set forth in this Privacy Notice.

·        MMLB staff has been extensively trained to recognize the sensitivity of our Patient’s PHI.

·        MMLB staff is required to follow all MMLB Policies and Procedures in place at MMLB, regarding PHI and other MMLB Policies and Procedures, which deal with HIPAA regulations and our Patient’s clinical charts.

·        MMLB staff found to have inadvertently breached the Policies and Procedures of MMLB will be required to attend a refresher course on MMLB’s Privacy Policies.

·        MMLB staff found to have maliciously breached the Policies and Procedures of MMLB will be terminated immediately.

·        Any breach of MMLB’s Privacy Notice and Policy and Procedures pertaining to the protection of MMLB’s Patient’s PHI or other personal information will be immediately brought to the attention of the Director of Privacy at MMLB and that individual will immediately forward all information over to the legal counsel of MMLB for appropriate enforcement allowed under law to minimize any effect the breach of information will have to MMLB’s Patient.

·        The Patient has the right to review all of MMLB’s Policies and Procedures regarding MMLB’s Patient Privacy and Confidentiality, upon written request provided to the Director of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations for PHI.


Patient Responsibilities in Obtaining Information Regarding

MMLB’s Policies and Procedures on HIPAA Privacy Regulations


·        A Patient must submit a request in writing to the Director of the HIPAA Privacy Regulations for MMLB, stating specifically the information they are requesting from MMLB.

·        Allow MMLB Thirty days (30) to comply with their request.

·        Patient will provide a payment of Fifty dollars ($50.00) to MMLB for copying expense.

·        Forward any Questions regarding the requirements for HIPAA compliancy or any Policy and Procedure used by MMLB to protect our Patient’s Right to Privacy to:

Robinsue Frohboese, Acting Director

Office for Civil Rights

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

200 Independence Avenue, S.W.

Room 509F HHH Bldg.

Washington, D.C. 20201

MMLB, our Staff, and Practitioners want to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your cooperation with MMLB’s enforcement of MMLB’s Privacy Policies and Procedures and this Privacy Notice. This ongoing commitment is evidence that MMLB and its staff continues to remain committed to providing the most advanced professional care for its Patients and their families. The protection of our Patient’s PHI is simply another indication that we take our Patient’s accomplishments and Privacy very seriously and will take any steps necessary to accomplish those goals!






MILLER-MEIER LIMB AND BRACE, INC. maintains a variety of communication channels to keep staff and other interested parties informed of changes in policies and procedures, the results of the audit process, and corrective and disciplinary measures that result.



  1. Serious compliance matters will be documented and investigated promptly, with a report made to the owner, governing body, CEO, president and compliance committee (as appropriate.)
  2. The compliance officer will work closely with legal counsel on complex legal and management issues raised by assertions of fraud and abuse.
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