Miller-Meier Limb and Brace, Inc. provides a full compliment of custom prosthetics and bracing options to meet your needs. We treat a wide array of pathologies from diabetic complications, to Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Head Injury Patients as well as all ages and levels of upper and lower extremity amputees.

Miller-Meier Limb and Brace, Inc is one of the Quad Cities dealers for the Walk Aide Functional Electronic Stimulator.

Miller-Meier utilizes both the old school technology and many of the newest advanced technologies and components to manufacture the devices their Patients request from us. Those include electronic stimulation systems, electronic lower limb knee braces to upper limb myoelectric prostheses and computer controlled lower limb prosthetic knees.

Miller-Meier has an on-site laboratory that either manufactures or assembles all of the prosthetic and orthotic devices they provide for their Patients. This means that any required adjustments or repairs can be done the same day by their highly qualified staff of Technicians that work in the same laboratory with your specific certified Practitioner.

This reduces your down time and allows you to experience any modifications or repairs instantly, prior to departing Miller-Meier. This allows you to make sure the modifications and/or repairs are working for you!

This equates to fewer trips to the office, saves on your gasoline (WOW) and assures you that you will remain functioning at your highest level; quicker than Miller-Meier's competitors!

That's the Miller-Meier promise to you.

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